About Us

Orthodox Christian Fellowship is an international campus ministry of college students and young adults that strives to support fellowship on campus through prayer, service to others, friendship, and study of the Orthodox Christian Faith.  

The CWRU Orthodox Christian Fellowship is a recognized chapter of the greater national organization. We are a diverse chapter with members who have backgrounds in the Orthodox Church in America, the Albanian, Antiochian, Coptic, Georgian, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches. We also have members who belong to the Byzantine and Roman Catholic Church, as well as certain Protestant churches.  Everyone is always welcome at each of our meetings and events.

Members of OCF are active in both the CWRU community as well as the local Cleveland community.  Weekly meetings promote friendship, fellowship, and study of the Orthodox Faith through listening to a speaker from the local Orthodox Christian community and conversation with fellow students. Frequent social activities both on and off of campus give students a chance to relax and socialize with one another.  In addition, a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the semester afford students the opportunity to serve others while learning from the community around them.  Students often attend Church together and have visited many of Cleveland's beautiful Orthodox churches and made long-lasting friendships with many in the Cleveland Orthodox community.